Yay! The finale! :D Anyway, I enjoyed Saturday's episode. Yes, there is going to be spoilers.

So basically, the Cybermen march out of St. Paul's. After that cliffhanger at the end of Dark Water, guess what! Missy is the Masta(Translation: Master)! Hahahaha. Sorry, laughing at a memory. Anyway, the Doctor and Missy are tranqed, and taken to a military base. The Doctor, Missy, and the gang go to onto a plane. Cybermen start bashing on the windows and everybody falls out of the plane, except for Missy(That includes the TARDIS). The Doctor flies into his TARDIS, and flies away. Clara makes up that she is the Doctor when she is surrounded by Cybermen. When she says she lies, the leading Cybeberman says "correct" and shoots her. He blows up the other two Cybermen. She wakes up in a graveyard, it turns out that the cyberman is Danny, blah blah blah. Missy gives the Doctor her cyberman controller-thingy, the Doctor gives Danny the Cyberman controller-thingy, the Cybermen become good guys, happy ending. The Doctor finds Gallifrey....


Five out of five.

Lilly out.